Variable Data

When used in combination with the astounding color output of Copy Plus, variable information has the ability to increase the impact, appeal, and retention of your documents. By adding variable information, documents become incredibly effective personal communications, positioning your business to the opportunity of new possibilities.

Variable information has incredible power to overcome some of the long-standing limitations of printed communications. Printed communications have always struggled to balance the benefits of both permanence and personalization. Historically, what they have offered in the area of stability, they surrender in the area of flexibility.

As soon as information becomes fixed to the page, it becomes fixed in its meaning. Every recipient receives the same, unchanging message.

The power of variable information is astounding because it approaches the way people actually communicate by blending the best of spoken and printed communications. It combines the personalization and elasticity of spoken communications with the permanence and impact of color printed documents. The resulting personalized output impacts when marketing communications absolutely must succeed. It grabs readers’ interest and encourages them to take action.

Take advantage of this technology that is available at Copy Plus, which puts the power of all levels of personalization in your hands. Output might vary only a recipient’s name or it can be highly variable — with personal color images and changing layouts, graphics, and text on every page.